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Tunis the capital state of Tunisia was founded about 4000 years ago. It is one of the nicest and historical cities in North Africa. The ancient city offers a vast range of cultural and attractive centers such as the art galleries, museums and theaters. There are many interesting things to see and do in this cosmopolitan city. For your next walking tour in Tunis, come and have a wonderful adventure with Airotour. We’ll provide you with a personal local guide who knows Tunis like the back of their hand. Our local guides will give you a memorable walking tour that will satisfy all your travel interest. Our local guide will give you the true experience of Tunisia history and culture, diverse geography. You will be taken to the salt lake of Chott-et- Jerid, the Atlas Mountains, magnificent mosques and to Berber villages.

At Musee, you will learn about the evolution of the cinematic technology at the Musee du Cinema and enjoy great musical performance at the Theater Municipal. You can also check out the great exhibitions of plastic arts at the Musee de la ville de Tunis. Check out all these interesting cultural sites in your walking tour of Tunis. The Carthage is the pinnacle of attraction and the most interesting venue in Tunis. It has stood for several decades. The Carthage was initially in control of large swaths of North Africa and the Mediterranean. It fell into decline during the Punic Wars when it was destroyed by Rome. The ruins of the ancient powers still remain in stark tribute to the city. Come and experience the walk back through time at the Carthage.

The Bardo Museum is also known as one of the amazing sites in Tunis. It was built in the 13th century under the local ruler of Ottoman bay. The building is enough a site worth seeing and impressive. Once you are inside, you’ll be amazed with the different collections of the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Phoenician and Arab works. You will be marveled at the ancients antique in the Bardo Museum, especially the breathtaking mosaics dating back thousands of years.

Come and explore the ancient influence of Rome at the Carthage and Dougga. You will see and learn about the famed Roman mosaic collection at the Bardo National Museum in Tunis. Check out the different treasures you can find at the busy souks, the modern street markets. The presence of medinas in Tunis is one of the best things about the influence of Arabs in North Africa. At the medinas you can stay for some hours to enjoy tea in the quaint cafes and you can also explore the antique shops for different ancient treasures.

Experience nature architectural design at the Kroumerie Mountains which is located about 200 kilometers away from the west of Tunis. Contact us now at Airotour to book for a unique Cultural Walking Tour in Tunis. With our knowledgeable and friendly local guides, we will give you a tour of exactly what you want to see and do in Tunis.

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