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Bangkok is a vibrant Asian city like no other. It can really overwhelm you with its smells of fresh Thai food and the sounds and colors of Thailand. Everywhere you look there is something to see or something going on. And the best part of the city: the Thai people.

Let one of our guides take you on an unforgettable free tour of Bangkok. Learn all the interesting details about Thai culture and let our guide tell you all the fun stories that go with the many highlights of the city. History, art, culture and fun; Bangkok has it all and our guides love to show you all these things.

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Yes, if you want to book one of our tours, we charge a small booking fee of 2,50. This is to cover the costs of maintaining our office, booking engine and website. Also, this way we can guarantee that the groups are never bigger than 20 persons, so you always will be able to understand and interact with the guide.
On the moment we do offer only English speaking tour guides for free tour Bangkok. However, this might change to more languages available in the future.
Yes, this is no problem at all. We will always try to accommodate your needs, if they are reasonable. You can even cancel and get your money back if you do it 72 hours in advance.
Our guides work for tips only. You can tip them as much or little as you want. Just give them the amount you think the tour deserved. (To know: We as a company don't take any of the tips what the tour guides get this is for their hard work only) This system makes sure that the guides work hard for their money and you get the best tour possible.
Important note: The morning tour has a dress code that means you should be able to cover your knees and your shoulders, because you visit some temples on the way and we don't want you to wait outside:-)
Please bring your passport or ID card (or photo copy) because it's often asked to enter places and some little money for the entrance of the temple (40 Bath = 1 dollar) also if you need to buy some water on the way because Bangkok can be very hot.

We at AiroTour are providing Free Tours all over the world. At the moment, we are rapidly expanding. We try to combine the benefits of a Free tour with the service of a full tour company. This is why you can book with us, groups are never big and we only employ the best guides available. Come join one of our tours and see for yourself!