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Free Tour Córdoba

Córdoba is a city with a proud history. Over a thousand years ago, Córdoba was considered one of largest city in the world. A former Roman stronghold, the Andalusian city was a very populous place in the 10th century. The sight of La Mezquita (The Great Mosque) is a beauty to behold, and its architectural brilliance is a thing of endless admiration. The view of the city’s flowers are a thing of joy to the eyes. The alluring city is known to celebrate the “Patio festival” in the month of May of each year, showcasing its beautiful designed Patois.

A free walking tour of Córdoba is the best way to enjoy the rich historical monuments of the attractive city. Córdoba is home to Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos (Fortress of the Christian Monarchs) that was constructed in the 8th century as a palace for the Moorish Caliphate, it is an historic centre located near the Grand Mosque. It is a cultural heritage that declared part of world heritage by UNESCO in 1994. On a free walking tour of Córdoba, you will get to see the Roman Bridge (Puente Romano) that ranges the entire length of the Guandalquivir river. A pleasant view from the top of the Calahora Tower located towards the south end of the Puente Romano will show you how the city was protected from its attackers in the old times. You get to know the bullfighting history of Córdoba from the famous Manolete building and the historical Museo Taurino museum that tells the story about bullfighting in Córdoba.

Córdoba is one of the warmest city in Europe, and a trip here during spring and summer will leave you thirsty and in need of refreshment. Do not worry, the city of Córdoba is filled with bars that will offer you the best food and drinks to quench your thirst. Our tour guides will show where to go for amazing Tapas bars and the awesomeness in the city’s dishes, some of such dishes include the Salmorejo (a tasty meal that originated in Córdoba), Flamequin and Corderocon miel are also good dishes you don’t want to miss. On a visit to Córdoba ,some beautiful hotels to stay includes the Hospes Palacio del Bailio that was built in the 16th century, originally built during the roman times , the glass floor is thing of beauty. Next to the Mezquita is the Hotel Eurostars Maimonides, also the Hacienda Posada de Valllina that offers free breakfast. Our tour guides will take you all around the city to see the beautiful streets, the Synagogue, the historical structures and the stories behind them.

Tour of Córdoba is a perfect way to discover the historical embodiment of Córdoba and its amazing serenity and view. The guides are ready to answer all your questions about the history and beauty of the city. We do offer the best tour of Córdoba regardless of your budget, you will enjoy a nice tour and that’s with the best guides.

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