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Free Tour Lisbon If you are planning a trip to the city of Lisbon, you are probably eager to see all the great sights this historic city has to offer. One of the best ways to see a place as amazing as this is to explore it on foot. In fact, there's no better way of getting into the fabric of beautiful Lisbon than by feeling its earth under your feet, its sun on your bare skin and of course the prospect of its gastronomy at the end of your day. Lisbon - the city of golden light and ancient streets. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe; its history is quite fascinating as it was one of the leading players in shaping the renaissance in Europe. Today it is a bustling center for arts and art lovers around the world. Rich in history, lineage, and culture, a trip to Lisbon is a study in the different dimensions which make up this glorious city. Known as one of the most romantic European Metropolises, Lisbon has sure earned its name as a city of saudade. From beautiful waterways to romantic parks, lovely alleyways and magnificent buildings - the city of Lisbon has it all. And as meandering alley-ways take you past the ancient buildings and sculptures in this picturesque city, the Atlantic Ocean curates a perfect contrast with the whitewashed buildings that reveal the identity and uniqueness of the city of Lisbon.

Beautifully situated, it is the westernmost city on the mainland of Europe. Lisbon is graced by a climate that is comfortably moderate throughout the year - this means you can choose to visit this great city at any time of the year. Its cool summers and pleasant winters make it one of the few European cities you can travel to and have a great time no matter the season. Nostalgic and modern at the same time, the city of Lisbon offers excellent sightseeing experience, and you will inevitably be overwhelmed with its beauty and incredible atmosphere as you explore during your holiday.

First of all, it is important and advisable to opt for the Free tour Lisbon with AiroTour. This is a free walking tour that guarantees one of the best and most insightful explorations of the great city of Lisbon. Your expert guide will be a knowledgeable and exciting local tour guide that will make sure that there are no boring moments throughout your free walking tour. Over the years our Free tour Lisbon has proven to really capture the essence of Portugal's capital while giving explorers a chance to experience the city for themselves. With our Free tour Lisbon, you are sure to take in the sights, sounds, scenery and even the scent of Lisbon first-hand. The history, art, and culture of the city of Lisbon will be shown, explained and discussed. On the trail, knowledge, and fitness is gained, conversations are unpressured, and there's a sense of achievement, and of daily adventure at the end of the day. Our free walking tour operates on a booking system that ensures that no group will be more than 20 persons; this makes the tour even more interesting and overall, a shared experience. Our expert local tour guides offer a combination of quality experience and good value as they take you through the charming streets of Lisbon city to take in the sights and attraction while on foot. All the most popular tourist destinations will be visited. From magnificent buildings and structures that showcase the medieval architectural influence in the city to beautiful parks, little lakes, gardens, greenhouses, and other incredible places and favorite spots for tourists will be visited. You will be able to see the city in a more intimate level.

When you book a free walking tour with AiroTour, our local guides will show you the very best parts of the city and answer all your questions about local history, culture, and customs. All you have to do at the end of the day is tip the guide for his effort. With this, you get to know the city in a really exciting way while you tip what you want at the end. This is, in fact, the best way to see and appreciate the gorgeous city of Lisbon.

So, while you are planning to travel and explore this great city you can choose out of our wide range of tours offered by AiroTour (scroll down) and get to grips with Lisbon on an in-depth tour of the Portuguese capital with a highly knowledgeable local tour guide.

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