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The city of Jodhpur in the Thar desert is located in the northwest of Rajasthan. Nicknamed Rajasthan’s Blue City, the landscape of Jodhpur is covered with blue buildings as far as the eye can see. Originally painted this color to signify houses owned by the highest caste at the time, now they’re a beautiful mark on the city. The historic opportunities of Jodhpur are endless. From the Mehrangarh Fort (one of the largest in India) to the Jaswant Thada (an empty commemorative tomb) the historic value of Jodhpur must be seen from the ground. When visiting a new place, whether a country, city, or even new neighborhood, learning the ropes can be difficult. You don’t know where to go, you don’t know where to visit, and you’re likely to get lost on day onebecause you’re fiddling with a map or searching for landmarks on your phone. Being a tourist is difficult, and this challenge alone can interfere with you taking in the city. Participating in tours is the best way to avoid these difficulties.

Unfortunately for the average sight-seer many tours cost more money than you’re willing to spend. These tours can also take you quickly past the sights you want to view in a car, truck, or even boat. Conserving money while still seeing the sights can make sure that you have a few more dollars for something important; A gift for family, a memento for yourself, or even upgrading your next meal. What’s the best way to remedy the high cost of tours and the likelihood of missing something important? The solution is simple: free walking tours (based on tips only concept). Walking tours with Airotour are easy, conevenient, and healthy ways to travel and discover a new area. Our tour guides will teach you about the beautiful city and many stories about it. They will introduce you to the people on the ground, local secrets, and the vibrant culture that what makes Jodhpur unique. Our tour guides are local so it will be the best you can get. They’ll set you up with everything you need to know, from fun facts about the city around you, and the must do activities in the city around you.

Booking Jodhpur tours with us is easy and convenient. Tours are offered almost every day, and our easy to use interface will help you book your tour ahead of time. Scheduling tours with us ahead of time helps keep them free! Tips are always welcome, as are walk-ins. A note to add here, if you walk on to a tour in progress, or without booking ahead of time, there is a small tour fee per person. Don’t let this amazing tour opportunity pass you by. Allow us to provide you an inside look at the historic city of Jodhpur. Let us give you a comprehensive view of what makes Jodhpur, the Blue City, a cornerstone of the Rajasthan region. Join us by booking a free walking tour in India now. We hope to see you soon, and safe travels!

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