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When visiting India, the Taj Mahal is one of the main sites to visit in the vast touristic options this country has to offer, so a trip to the city of Agra is something to plan in advance. Our local free walking tour of Agra and the several points of interest there, will give you a full and rich experience for your holiday; our experienced local tour guides will give you it's wonderful history, artistic and cultural context and take you through its amazing streets and bazaars.

Agra is a city of great beauty and history located on the banks of River Yamuna, it is part of what is known as the Golden Triangle of India, and therefore, a crucial destination for any tourist who wants to soak in some of India’s splendorous wonder.

Agra is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the main destination for many visitors, the the iconic symbol of eternal love: the majestic white-marble Taj Mahal, its delightful gardens, and the site museum; however it is not the only site to visit here, Agra has many more interesting sites to offer. Artful beauty and history become manifest in several other impressive monuments and tombs that go back many centuries: The massive Fort of Agra is a must; Akbar’s Mausoleum and Buland Darwaza, the largest gateway in the world; the Mausoleum of Itimad-Ud-Daulah, also known as Baby Taj as it is also exquisitely built in marble; the unique example of architecture that is unlike other mausoleums, we find Mariam’s tomb; as well as the Chini ka Rauza with its art in glassed tiles.

In addition to all of these iconic tourist sites, you can enjoy the delicious variety of flavors from the vast local cuisine that this city has to offer. You can also take a boat ride across the Chambal River that will allow you to enjoy the exotic native fauna, in particular, the fantastic birds that inhabit these riverbanks. The National Chambal Sanctuary offers a special experience for bird watchers and photographers that seek to encounter these amazing birds –it is home to more than 300 species, such as the Indian Skimmer, Greater Thick-knee, and the Small Pratincole.

Agra is also a wonderful and unique place for shopping, here you can find numerous shops offering unusual collectibles made by almost-extinct crafts. If you are looking for these kind of unusual and authentic crafts, the best places to visit are Khadi Gramodyog, Subhash Emporium, Sadar Bazaar and Rinari Bazaar. You will be able to find detailed marble inlay works, beautiful sandstone handcrafted pieces, Also, there are is an abundance of carpet shops where you will be able to find splendid carpets in both Mughal and Persian styles. Come and join us on the free walking tour of Agra and make your booking below.

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