Our Free Tour Policy

All our tours are based on a tips only system. Find out here why we work like that!

Our Free Tour Policy guarantees that you will get only the very best guides.

We at AiroTour believe strongly in the concept of tours for tips only. We believe this system brings out the best in your tourguide and also makes sure that on average a guide makes a bit more than he would working for a normal tour company. This system makes sure that our customers are happy and our guides are happy too!

You are never obliged to tip

  • We make sure no guide will ever pressure you into tipping. We don't want you to feel obliged to give in any way. If you think the guide did a good job, tip him. If you think he did an amazing job, tip him more. But if you thought the tour was subpar, don't feel obliged to tip him or her. Just make sure to send us a review, so we know about it.

You can tip any amount you want

  • We know everybody's budget is different. Some people have a lot to spend and some people just a little. On our tours, we get all sorts of people, from poor students to businessmen in a different economic situation. Just give the guide what you can afford. And again, don't feel any pressure to give a certain amount. If everybody gives 10$, this does not mean you have to give the same, if you have less money to spend.

Guides keep all of their tips

  • We never ever take any money from our guides. All the tips they earn, they keep for themselves. This is why we charge the small booking fee of 2,50. This way we can run our company and organize free tours, and you get the best and cheapest tours possible. Also, realize tour guiding is seasonal work. If a group of 20 gives 10$ each to the guide, this does not mean he will be rich. In low season, guides make a lot less, but on average they can make a decent living.