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Join us on a free tour of Salta to get to know this great Argentinian city with a local guide.

Free Tour Salta

Salta is a fun city all the way in the north of Argentina. People here look less European and more indigenous. It is a great stop on your way to Bolivia or Northern Chile. Its nickname is Salta La Linda, Salta the beautiful, because of its old Colonial architecture and general pleasant atmosphere. What better way to discover Salta then on a Free tour. On a Free Tour of Salta, you will get to know this beautiful city intimately.

Our local guides will tell you all about what there is to see and what to do. On a Free tour of Salta, you will see all the highlights of the historic center, such as the Cathedral and the Cabildo. You will also hear a lot about the history of the city, which was the most southern outpost of the Inca Empire. Join us on a Free tour of Salta today!

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Unfortunately on the moment we have no tours available in this city.

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