About AiroTour, the free tour company

We believe free walking tours are the best way to explore a new city or destination.

A new way of exploring

We are a company that believes that free walking tours provide the best customer experience. We have been working in tourism for a long time. We did noticed often the bad quality of local tour guides, especially in Italy. Guides have been working for very long and do not get a lot of incentive to perform better. We believe free walking tours are the solution. Guides will have to be enthousiastic and interesting to get some tips. If they are boring, they are out!

Furthermore, this way tours become much less expensive for tourists and travellers. We still believe that the best way to get to know a city is by taking a tour with a knowledgable and fun tour guide. Everybody can join a free walking tour, even if you are on a budget.

So come and join us on our free walking tours offered and make your reservation today!

Our mission

  • We provide tours all over the world. We are always busy expanding. Our goal is to provide free bookable tours all over the world in every major tourist destination. This is why we are always looking for great new guides that are willing to create their own tours in their cities and tourist destinations. We are actively searching for guides, so if you know someone that would like to work with us, please send us an email!

Improving User Experience

  • We are always developing and trying to create the best user experienceIf you have any suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for feedback and criticism. Please don't hold back! We love to hear your opinion and always want to learn about our customers. And if you did a tour with us, please send us a review of the guide and our system. We would really appreciate it!

Review System

  • We are currently developing an automatic review system. This way, guides can put their own tours online and customers can review both the tour and the guide that provided it. This way, only the very best tour guides will be working with AiroTour. If guides get bad reviews, we will take their tours offline.

Booking costs

  • For every tour, we ask a €2,50 pp booking fee. This is because we don't take money from our guides and we guarantee that 100% of the tips you give will be for the tour guide. However we need to charge this small fee to keep operating and paying our office staff, to be able to make commercials and find people joining our great tours offered. Also this is to make sure we can provide you with great customer support and in this way we can control the size of our groups. We don't want groups that are bigger than 20 persons. You must be able to understand and interact with the guide! Conclusion: the small booking fee makes sure we can provide the best service possibile

Company policies

  • If you are interested in our company policies, I invite you to have a look at the terms and conditions page. You can find the link in the footer. Shortly, we allow you to alter your tour and cancel 72 hours in advance. We don't sell your data or email address or anything else. We also keep your privacy in high regard. If you want, you can check our privacy page. The link is again in the footer.