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1. Book a Tour

Book one of our free walking tours. We do ask however for a small booking fee. In this way we can control the size of the groups and guarantee the tour is running on the date of your choosing. In this way we can keep for you the highest level of our free tour service.

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2. Explore with a Guide

Your tour guide will be waiting for you on the pre-arranged meeting point. He/She will introduce you to the city and answer any question you might have. All our guides are selected for their enthousiasm and knowledge of their city and country.

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3. Tip the guide!

Once the tour is done you tip the guide the money they deserve. We think our Free walking tours are more fair to you as the customer because on the end you pay what you see and get.
Conclusion: The free tour concept is a win-win scenario for both you 'the traveller' and our guides.

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AiroTour, your FREE tour anywhere

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Welcome to AiroTour, the perfect way of exploring new cities.

The idea behind AiroTour is simple: first, you book one of our free walking tours. Our local guides then show you the best parts of the city and answer all your questions about local culture and customs. After, you just tip the guide for his effort. Join many happy city explorers in this new way of getting to know a city. In our opinion, this is the best way to really get to know a place. Just have a look at some of the benefits of this way of exploring:

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Find amazing local experiences with the best guides in the world.

Free Tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a bit of a reputation, but in fact it is a lovely and beautiful city with a rich history. On our free walking tour, you will discover the highlights of the city.

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Free Tours in Rome

Rome is the eternal city. 2500 years of history have left the place filled with amazing stories. Join our guides on free tours of Rome. You will not be disappointed!

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Free Tours in Lyon

Lyon is the culinary capital of France. But this beautiful city has so much more to offer. Find out and join our guides on one of our free walking tours in Lyon.

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Free Tours in London

Even though the weather is not always perfect, London has enough attractions to fascinate you for weeks. Join one of our free walking tours in London, the perfect introduction.

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Become a Tourguide

If you like working with people, explaining your culture and history, becoming a tour guide might be the perfect job for you. You can decide on your own tours and pick your own hours to work.

We are always looking for new guides to set up new tours in cities and touristic areas. You will meet a lot of friendly people and make some cash while showing your city. Send us an email for more details!

How to become a tourguide

Free Tours in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is more than just wine! You find beautiful squares, cozy restaurants and a strong local culture! Join us on a free tour of Bordeaux today!

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Free Tours in Naples

Naples is the undiscovered gem of Italy. When you walk around the city, it seems like you went back in time. Why not join one of our free tours to discover the true Naples?

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Free Tours in Bangkok

Bangkok is enormous and great fun! Our guides will show you all the highlights and help you enjoy the amazing thai culture. Enjoy your trip to Bangkok!

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Free Tours in Strasbourg

A free tour of Strasbourg will show you the amazing mix between French and German culture that makes this city so special and worth visiting. Join today!

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Free Tours in Cologne

Cologne is more than 2000 years old! Join us on a free tour to explore the long history of this city and get to know the local culture with our guides.

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Free Tours in Paris

Paris is the cultural, economical and political heart of France. There is no city like it. Book one of our free tours of Paris and enjoy!

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Free Tours in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is new, modern and exciting! Come with us on a free tour of Rotterdam to discover this bustling port city in the Netherlands.

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Free Tours in Verona

Verona is a proud and captivating city on the Adige River. Famous for its Opera festival and the setting of Romeo and Juliet. Come to a free tour of Verona!

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Free Tours in Antwerp

Antwerp is a rich merchant’s city and full of surprises. A free tour of Antwerp will show you all the great places to go. Join now!

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Free Tours in Gdansk

Gdansk is a city of its own. It is Polish, but has a long autonomous history. It looks very different from other Polish towns. Come and enjoy a free tour of Gdansk.

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Free Tours in Madrid

Madrid is fun! The nightlife is world famous and the museums and parcs will awe you. Every neighborhood is different in Madrid. Our guides would love to show you.

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Free Tours in Salamanca

Salamanca is Spain’s golden city. The university brings life to the old streets. The city is beautiful, but also a great place to go out. Discover Salamanca on a free tour!

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Free Tours in Segovia

Segovia is a lovely town, perfect for a day trip from Madrid. The proud Alcázar towers high above the surroundings. Join our free tour of Segovia!

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Free Tours in Braga

Sumptuous squares, winding streets, Baroque churches, Braga has it all. Come with us to discover all the stories on a free tour of Braga.

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Free Tours in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a vibrant, modern city with lots to explore! It is the business and financial heart of Germany. Join a Free Tour of Frankfurt!

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Local Culture

From city highlights in Paris to culinary tours in Tokyo: experience local culture in 142 countries with our guides.

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All tours are Free

All our guides work for tips only. This ensures every guide will make sure to give you the best experience possible. You just tip him or her with any money you can!

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Trust and Safety

We work only with people we trust. All our guides and tours are vetted to get you the best experience possible. Furthermore, we have a customer support team to handle all your questions and requests.

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Yes, if you want to book one of our tours, we charge a small booking fee of 2,50. This is to cover the costs of maintaining our office, booking engine and website. Also, this way we can guarantee that the groups are never bigger than 20 persons, so you always will be able to understand and interact with the guide.
Most of our tours are in English. However, we also provide tours in different languages. Make sure you check which language your tour is in before you book.
At the moment, AiroTour is expanding quickly throughout the world. We are always looking to start new tours. If your destination is not available, check back soon. We might have found a great guide and started a tour!
Our guides work for tips only. You can tip them as much or little as you want. Just give them the amount you think the tour deserved. This system makes sure that the guides work hard for their money and you get the best tour possible. Also, if you are on a small budget, you can still enjoy a great tour with the best guides on your holiday!
Yes, this is no problem at all. We will always try to accommodate your needs, if they are reasonable. You can even cancel and get your money back if you do it 72 hours in advance.